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Sarah Williams


"Know-how will always surpass guess-how." -source unknown

Sarah is a mother of four children and lives on a small family farm. She believes in knowing where all her food comes from and living green. She has a passion for a natural diet, and eating whole, natural foods.

Sarah's interest in fitness and nutrition began in high school where she was involved in working with the athletic teams as a student athletic trainer. She has worked and traveled with D1 athletic teams and developed off- and in-season strength training programs and exercise routines. As an athletic trainer she also worked on an individual basis with athletes and coaches in meal-planning and sports nutrition.

Sarah received her undergraduate degree in athletic training from Bowling Green State University. She earned her Master's of science in Sports Medicine from Armstrong Atlantic State University. Her master's’ thesis involved studying the effects of prophylactic ankle stabilization on lower extremity stiffness. Sarah’s published article; “Vertical Leg Stiffness Following Ankle Taping and Bracing” was featured in the International Journal of Sports Medicine.

Sarah’s CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist) and Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) credentials have allowed her to also work as a personal trainer with various populations in a fitness club setting.

She also has experience working in a physical therapy setting where she assisted patients in rehabilitation of athletic injuries and surgeries. She has had experience in aquatic therapy and rehabilitation on an underwater treadmill.

Sarah's education and support will empower your entire family to get fit and healthy with her partnership.

Mission Statement:

To empower people of all ages to become healthy and confident, while meeting the nutrition goals for the entire family with science and support.

Learn more about Sarah at

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