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Take Control of Your Body and Life
Dr. Kori Propst on the Super Strength Show with Ray Toulany
In this episode of the Super Strength Show, Dr. Kori Propst takes us on her journey to becoming the Vice President and Wellness Director at The Diet Doc. Kori teaches you to get curious in everything that you do and really tune into yourself.
Life Mastery Podcast 35
Science or Fiction: Does Mindfulness Work?
Mindfulness is all the rage, but does it work? Does it lead to happiness or contentment or permanent change? Dive in with Kori and Joe and see how mindfulness is defined and what research shows!
Life Mastery Podcast 33
Fitness Entrepreneurship: Inclusivity and Positivity Win!
Research has shown that social media has increased polarization and animosity when it has the power to do the opposite. As a business owner, are you winning with inclusion and a positive brand message?
Life Mastery Podcast 32
Motivational Mastery: Self-Control
In today's immediate gratification society, we can easily get what we want when we want it. And that can be a great thing...until it's not. When we're aiming for a big goal and we need to put our future self first in order to make wise decisions, impulsive actions don't work. We need self-control. We need discipline. We need willpower.
Life Mastery Podcast 31
Macro Mastery: Intermittent Fasting/Time-Restricted Eating
What qualifies a diet as intermittent fasting? What is time-restricted eating? Kori and Joe break down the pros and cons of both diet methods. Will you lose body fat faster? Can you build muscle and perform better with fewer meals and a restricted eating schedule? The answers might surprise you!
Life Mastery Podcast 30
Science or Fiction: HIIT - Best Cardio?
High-intensity exercise, specifically high-intensity interval training, has been the rage for years. Do you know the physiological mechanisms that make it different? Is it better? Learn how to double fat loss; learn how to avoid injury; and learn how to recover better!
Life Mastery Podcast 29
Coaching Clinic: Brittney Garcia
Dr. Kori Propst in Coaching Clinic, Kori Propst, Podcasts
June 10, 2018 · 1 minute read
Brittney Garcia is the owner of The Diet Doc LaGrande, OR. Despite her business being located in a small town, however, she commands a large presence. Client success can be found in spades in her studio, and it's built upon her skill in helping her clients bust straight through their excuses.