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How To Lose Weight

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Life Mastery Podcast 74
Motivational Mastery: We Eat How We Live
How we eat, what we choose to fill our plates with, and the environments we create within and around ourselves during meals are a microcosm for living. If you struggle with emotional eating and your relationship with food is ruining your life, you have an opportunity. Each emotion and each meal provides a choice point for living with intention, empowerment, compassion, awareness, and presence. Kori describes how the objectives of her new online course hit on these concepts, and she shares her her personal turning point for committing to a new way of life.
Life Mastery Podcast 70
Science or Fiction: Psyc Needs & Fat Loss
What would happen if you addressed psychological needs as part of your weight loss program? Would it make fat loss easier? Faster? The Diet Doc Independence, KY, owner and Nurse Practitioner Doctoral Candidate Kevin Brunacini drops Self-Determination Theory knowledge bombs all over those questions in today's episode. Spoiler alert: If you want 27.5% faster fat loss, listen in! Joe and Kevin explode critical science findings into tasty little nuggets for everyone to enjoy. French fries not included.
Life Mastery Podcast 67
Macro Mastery: Meal Strategy
Joe and Kori wrap up a short series on meal planning by picking apart meal strategy variables. Is it better to have smaller meals or fewer, larger meals? What happens to insulin levels, the hunger hormone ghrelin, and even the amount of food consumed by test subjects when meal patterns are changed?
Life Mastery Podcast 62
Motivational Mastery: From Food Fear to Food Freedom Part 4
"I want to eat like a normal person!" Do you enjoy the food you eat? Do you savor your meals? Have you considered the textures, the flavors, the scents, even the origins of your food and the collective community who helped bring the food to your plate?
Life Mastery Podcast 60
Motivational Mastery: Food Fear to Food Freedom Pt. 2
Macronutrients, Metabolism, Mindfulness, and Moralization. There are the 4 legs of the Food Freedom stool which Kori begins to outline in this second part of the "I Want to Eat Like a Normal Person" series.
Dr. Kori Propst on EMBody Radio Podcast
Diet Mindsets; Why Willpower Doesn't Work; Self-Sabotage vs. Self-Protection
Do you struggle with your diet? Rather, do you struggle with STICKING to your diet? In this EMBody Radio podcast Dr. Kori Propst is interviewed by host Emily Duncan about diet, the mindsets/tendencies we have surrounding diet, our triggers, and so much more.
Life Mastery Podcast 54
Science or Fiction: Intermittent Fasting & Hormones
Inter-Webs experts have claimed that intermittent fasting elevates hormones for muscle building. Really? Listen in as Joe picks through some research with Kori. Maybe time-restricted eating and fasting can help you build muscle faster than any diet.....