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Fitness Entrepreneurship

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Life Mastery Podcast 40
Fitness Entrepreneurship: Massive Action!
Fast Company recently highlighted their ranking of the top 100 creative entrepreneurs. The top 5 were selected because they created a tidal wave impact that dominated the news, Washington D.C., and billions of dollars of advertising virtually overnight.
Project My Life Interview with Dr. Joe Klemczewski
Pro Bodybuilder, Entrepreneur, and Coach Anthony Monetti engages Dr. Joe Klemczewski in a lively, far-reaching interview. After 12 years of attempting to win his WNBF Pro card, Anthony hired Dr. Joe Klemczewski, author and mastermind of the “perfect peaking” protocol as his coach. Twelve weeks later Monetti won the Heavy Weight division at the 2008 INBF Hercules Championships.
Mathew Park interviews Dr. Joe Klemczewski
Peak Mindset Coach Mathew Park interviews The Diet Doc President and entrepreneur powerhouse Dr. Joe Klemczewski on how he built his highly successful Diet Doc Weight Loss Franchise company worldwide and his unique growth-focused mindset.
Life Mastery Podcast 33
Fitness Entrepreneurship: Inclusivity and Positivity Win!
Research has shown that social media has increased polarization and animosity when it has the power to do the opposite. As a business owner, are you winning with inclusion and a positive brand message?
Life Mastery Podcast 28
Fitness Entrepreneurship: Connect to Conquer
Connection is one of the three primary psychological needs of all people. Every decision, every motive, and every behavior hinge on these three needs. Are you recognizing that need in your clients or prospective clients?
Life Mastery Podcast 20
Fitness Entrepreneurship: Online versus Traditional Models
Within the current fitness space, is it worth launching a physical facility or would it be easier to create an online business model? Joe and Kori compare the advantages and challenges of each for the fitness world.
Life Mastery Podcast 16
Fitness Entrepreneurship: SPECIALIZATION
Joe and Kori provide historical context for the fitness industry and a glimpse of the future. Hint: if you don't find a unique lane, you'll get Amazon'd. The Diet Doc LLC provides a strong example of differentiating in two ways.
Life Mastery Podcast 11
Fitness Entrepreneurship - Success Traits
Kori and Joe outline the traits, capacities, and practices they observed among The Diet Doc entrepreneurs at the 2018 Annual Owner Conference that you too, no matter what your aim in life, can embody to optimize your motivation and success!