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Blogs by Kori Propst

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Life Mastery Podcast 74
Motivational Mastery: We Eat How We Live
How we eat, what we choose to fill our plates with, and the environments we create within and around ourselves during meals are a microcosm for living. If you struggle with emotional eating and your relationship with food is ruining your life, you have an opportunity. Each emotion and each meal provides a choice point for living with intention, empowerment, compassion, awareness, and presence. Kori describes how the objectives of her new online course hit on these concepts, and she shares her her personal turning point for committing to a new way of life.
Life Mastery Podcast 66
Macro Mastery: Meal Planning with Brittney Garcia
Dr. Kori Propst in Dieting, Dr. Joe, Kori Propst, Macro Mastery, Podcasts, Health
August 26, 2018 · 1 minute read
Do you find even the thought of preparing meals overwhelming? Brittany Garcia, owner of The Diet Doc LaGrande, sheds light on how meal prep can be easy and fun. She gives us tips for cooking with the entire family in mind, as well as for keeping prep simple yet flavorful.
Dr. Kori Propst on EMBody Radio Podcast
Diet Mindsets; Why Willpower Doesn't Work; Self-Sabotage vs. Self-Protection
Do you struggle with your diet? Rather, do you struggle with STICKING to your diet? In this EMBody Radio podcast Dr. Kori Propst is interviewed by host Emily Duncan about diet, the mindsets/tendencies we have surrounding diet, our triggers, and so much more.
Life Mastery Podcast 51
Motivational Mastery: Goal Pursuit 7
PRINCIPLES OF PERSISTENT PURSUIT. Do you have what it takes to pursue your goal persistently? In this 7th installment of the Motivational Mastery- Goal Pursuit series Kori and Joe discuss the 11 primary factors that serve to move the needle toward powerful engagement!
Support Systems Workshop
Strong Moms of The Diet Doc Retreat
In this workshop, Joe Johnston and Dr. Kori Propst have a conversation about communication and connection, community, and the various ways we can generate authentic, honest support as we move into the pursuits our goals, including becoming conscious, thriving human beings.
Emotional Eating Workshop - Dr. Kori Propst
Strong Moms of the Diet Doc Retreat - July, 2018
In this workshop presented at Ashley Barnhart's Strong Moms of The Diet Doc Retreat, Dr. Kori Propst dives into the topic of emotional eating. She explains how eating and our relationship with food is a mirror for our relationship with ourselves and with life.
Take Control of Your Body and Life
Dr. Kori Propst on the Super Strength Show with Ray Toulany
In this episode of the Super Strength Show, Dr. Kori Propst takes us on her journey to becoming the Vice President and Wellness Director at The Diet Doc. Kori teaches you to get curious in everything that you do and really tune into yourself.
Life Mastery Podcast 29
Coaching Clinic: Brittney Garcia
Dr. Kori Propst in Coaching Clinic, Kori Propst, Podcasts
June 10, 2018 · 1 minute read
Brittney Garcia is the owner of The Diet Doc LaGrande, OR. Despite her business being located in a small town, however, she commands a large presence. Client success can be found in spades in her studio, and it's built upon her skill in helping her clients bust straight through their excuses.
Life Mastery Podcast 21
Coaching Clinic: Trusting the Process
Sarah Williams, owner of The Diet Doc Cincinnati, grows her own vegetables, raises the family protein sources, and manages a second farm of four children. To say she is busy would be an understatement.