Your Motivational Metabolism- Part 3: Are the People in Your Life Supporting Your Motivation?

Inspiration // Jul 25, 2016 // By Kori Propst

Remember how important autonomy (choice) is for sustaining a strong sense of motivation? To be supportive of autonomy, the backing we receive from others ideally encourages insight and reflection.

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Carbohydrates Part II: Eat Carbs to Destroy Fat

Health // Jul 19, 2016 // By Joe Klemczewski

See why research shows higher-carb diets are superior to low-carb diets for health and fat loss!

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Deadlift Frequency for Technique Refinement

Fitness // Jul 12, 2016 // By Kori Propst

Perfection demands practice. If you want to deadlift like the masters, deadlift more! Here's how, without overtraining.

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Your Motivational Metabolism- Part 2: Autonomy- The Antidote When We Feel Like Giving Up?

Mental Edge // Jul 11, 2016 // By Kori Propst

We all want that feeling of kickass motivation all the time, but some goals are just plain hard! What keeps the spark alive when we feel like we want to give up?

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Leg Day Mobility & Warm Up

Fitness // Jul 05, 2016 // By Kori Propst

Struggle with hip tightness? Luke Propst, MS demonstrates a warm-up and mobility primer to use before your lower body workouts!

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Carbs- Part 1: The Weight-Loss Industry's Biggest Lie

Health // Jul 04, 2016 // By Joe Klemczewski

Learn how you can eat carbs, still lose weight, and even boost your immune system—carbs are necessary for good health!

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(Video) Training Tip: How & Why to use a 1.5 Rep Scheme

Fitness // Jun 28, 2016 // By Kori Propst

Looking for a training method to spur muscle growth or push through a plateau? In this video, Luke Propst, MS, The Diet Doc Training Director, demonstrates the 1.5 Rep Scheme technique to propel your progress!

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Your Motivational Metabolism- Part 1: 3 Reasons Why Your Goal Persistence May be Plummeting

Inspiration // Jun 27, 2016 // By Kori Propst

Feel as if you’re clinging to every last ounce of control to salvage the energy with which you launched your goal pursuit? Recover your vitality with 3 key motivational vitamins!

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Designer Deadlifts: Correcting for Hip Height

Fitness // Jun 21, 2016 // By Kori Propst

Setting your hips at the correct height for optimal benefit from the deadlift can be a little tricky. Luke Propst, MS demonstrates how to correct your hip position in this video.

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Your Motivational Metabolism Series- Introduction: The 3 Psychological Secrets to Success

Inspiration // Jun 20, 2016 // By Kori Propst

The motivation characteristic of persistent, consistent, energetic goal pursuit satisfies three universal psychological needs. These needs are the gearshifts of our grinds. When supported, we thrive. When undermined, we falter.

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