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Joe & Kori - After Hours
Joe and Kori want to merge their professional and personal lives with friends in a new way and see if this experiment can make the world a little more fun. If you win the drawing, you can ask any questions about health, nutrition, or fitness--nothing is off limits. You can dip your toe in the waters of health psychology, behavioral medicine, sociology or anything that intersects your interests and our experience. You can even just hang out for an hour and sip tequila. The format will link our San Diego headquarters and our Evansville administrative center. You can be present in either location, or you can stream into the conversation. We're looking forward to hanging out after hours with our shoes off and our minds open!

Latest from the Permanent Weight Loss Blog

Stay up to date on the most relevant nutrition, fitness and mindset topics to help you live your best life! Each week, Dr. Joe Klemscewzski, Dr. Kori Propst and our team of clinicians publish science-based articles and videos to help you build a better body, mind, and overall state of health. 

  • Performance // Oct 17, 2016

    Shoulder Warm-Up Drill: Teacup Rotations

    By Kori Propst

    Luke Propst, MS, The Diet Doc Training Director, demonstrates how to move smoothly through the spiral pattern of a teacup rotation to wake up the stabilizers of the shoulder and prepare them for enhanced control during pressing movements.

  • Health // Oct 10, 2016

    Restaurant: Not Impossible!

    By Kori Propst

    The average person eats restaurant food one of every three meals. If we’re going to eat out, and we have intentions of losing weight and living a lean life, how about we learn how to eat out better! If we feel more competent, we’ll feel more motivated!

  • Mental Edge // Sep 26, 2016

    I Know What to Do, I Just Don’t Do It: Low Motivation or Lack of Skill?

    By Kori Propst

    What if our resistance to move forward with an action aligned with a goal was less about a lack of motivation and more about skill?

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